Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions refer to using both free and premium versions of tempmails.net on the web to get temporary emails. 

By availing our services, you agree to our terms. There is no warranty on our policy retention. Users can remove the existing disposable email at any time. It is completely free to make use of; however, to unlock additional features, there is a need to buy a subscription. You agree to not employ the fake email address generated by our website for any illegal purpose. You consent to not send emails using our website, only receive. 

The free service offers unlimited emails that last longer than 3-4 hours. After that, the system automatically destroys it. You also agree to not use disposable emails for receiving confidential data. These email addresses must not be utilized for registering sensitive accounts (e.g. Bank). Once the emails are removed, this system does not restore them. 

Tempmails.net free version

With the free version of our service, you can create new email addresses within no time. In the mailbox, you would be able to not only receive or read new emails but get browser notifications also. The other feature to avail of is the quick deletion of current emails. 

Tempmails.net Premium version

Subscribing to the tempmails.net premium version, allows you to generate up to 10 new email addresses simultaneously. There are two packages available; monthly and yearly. Whatever subscription you choose, you can delete or switch them at any time in accordance with your desire. 

Amendment to Subscription Price Terms

We have the right to make any changes regarding our subscription pricing terms. Stay in touch with us for any amendments on our website. 

Subscription Cancellation

We give users the right to cancel our subscription whenever they want. Or they can simply continue their subscription till the expiration date. All it requires is to log in to the tempmails.net premium account, go to the profile section, and hit on the cancel subscription. 


There is a contractual obligation to compensate or indemnify any loss that could happen to violate the terms of service. We will facilitate the users in any case. 

Your Agreement

Using tempmails.net means you show consent to us on all the policies mentioned above. These terms of service are applicable to our iOS and Android applications as well. 

Changes to Our Terms and Conditions

In case we make any type of amendment to our service conditions, you would be informed. 

Get in Touch With Us!

Moreover, if you have any queries or suggestions about the website, you are free to contact us at any time via email. 

Email: [email protected]