Privacy Policy has a privacy policy to ensure the data safety of its users. It is our right to do amendments at any time. Stay connected with us for further amendments in policies. Our privacy policies are according to the General Data Protection Regulations(GDPR). By accepting this policy, you are giving your consent before using this website's services.

Collecting information:

In the free version, there is no requirement for any kind of login credentials, registration or information. However, we ask about your email and contact number in the premium version which is necessary for a subscription. We guarantee you that no other party will get access to your data. Moreover, your information will never be sold or used for any commercial purposes like promotional and advertising content.

At our site, you get temp fake email-generating services. You can avail this service for both personal and business purposes. For custom domains, you can avail of our premium version services. Your data will remain safe on our website for a certain time period and we never disclose it to any third party. However, we could reveal your data according to the law when it comes to the protection of you and our rights.

Advertisement policy:

We allow ads on our websites from third parties. However, the premium version is free of all kinds of ads. Advertising companies could use unknown information like time, date and browsing to provide ads of your interest. For data collection, ad agencies use indirect websites.

Cookie policy:

For better services, we have a cookie policy to save your data to give you the best results.

When the user visits the website, cookies retain their information. By accepting the cookie policy, you give permission to third parties to use your data for advertising purposes.

Third-Party Policies about data Security

Your data is in safe hands as we never disclose or sell your sensitive information or identifiable data to third-party sources. In case of any illegal activities, we are not bound to keep your data personal. We may release the information when we find that your data violates security regulations, international data protection protocols or intellectual property rights, whereas

Third-party links Policy

The third-party sources have proper privacy protocols and laws. We don’t take liability for the actions and content shared by all these third-party websites. Data security and integrity are the priority of our website. We respect the reviews about these sites.

Android Application Permissions

We expect some of the following permissions from the users:

  • Internet Permission

-for display of ads

-for crashlytics and firebase analytics

Data remains protected. We never gather your facial data and deliver it to any unauthorized external party.

  • Storage Permission

Your data files and sensitive information remain safe. We never store it. There is a possibility that in the storage area of the app, we may save temporary photo files for ‘’Resume’’, ‘’Redo’’, ‘’Undo’’ and many other transparent purposes. We never disclose these files to any third-party or illegitimate external source. We delete them from the device as the user deletes the application.

iOS App Permissions

We expect some of the following permissions from the users:

  • Network Permission

Tempmails application never access or use your sensitive data through your any network and never public it to any illicit external party source. Our iOS protocols never breach privacy compliance regulations and never access your information without the permission of the user.

We ensure to keep flexible policies to protect your facial data without disclosing it to any illegal external source.

Approach us:

For queries about our privacy policy, reach us through our site email and contact number. We will welcome your suggestions regarding improvement in our websites to provide you with the best services.