About Us 

Tempmails.net is a disposable email generator. It stores emails for a short period after which it expires. Both free and premium versions are available. In the free version of this web/application, users can create unlimited temporary emails instantly. The system automatically deletes them after 4-5 hours. You can unlock the advanced features by subscribing to the premium version. It helps generate emails with the desired domain names that can be stored for a month or a year depending upon the subscription type.  

Our service allows you to safeguard your privacy while accessing third-party websites. Stay anonymous the whole time using tempmails.net throwaway emails. Users can instantly protect their personal mailboxes from undesired advertising content. It also eliminates the chance to face constant junk and spam mails. All the personal information you enter remains utterly secure. Simply visit the website and get an already-created fake email. Just copy and paste to employ according to your desire.  

Moreover, the thing to focus on is not using temp mails for sharing confidential data or registering crucial accounts. Users can only receive, read, and get notifications of new incoming emails, not send emails.  

Enjoy availing benefits of this service today!