How to Protect Your Real Mailbox From Suspicious Links?

Protect Your Real Mailbox
September, 26 2023

Email is a prerequisite for digital work. Without it, we are unable to do any online activity. In our real mailbox, we receive messages from all those websites and apps once we subscribe and register for getting their services. Repetitive use of primary mail on various platforms makes it easier for spammers to identify you. Then they start phishing attacks in the form of suspicious links and many others. The use of a temporary email address protects your primary inbox from all online attacks.

Techniques to Protect Mailbox From Suspicious Links:

Spammers and hackers send suspicious links in mail messages to attack your devices. This is the technique to fool people in different ways. By opening these links, you could give them access to your device. Mostly you open these links to check out what it is. But unfortunately, it may turn into a disaster when you find out that your device has been hacked and your details have been used by them for their heinous crimes. Look at the ways of protection:

Use Alternate Email Source:

Don’t subscribe and register everywhere with your primary email. Especially when there is no surety about the safety of the apps, tools and websites that you use. In such cases, sign up with disposable mail addresses to ensure your digital safety. The website of generates temporary emails unlimited times in its basic version. In its premium version, you could easily create ten custom domain fake temp emails. Avail the services of this website as it is easy, fast and secure for use.

Restrict Primary Mailbox:

Use your inbox for important messages like personal, business and bank details. Moreover, set the settings of your mailbox to stop receiving junk and unsolicited messages. Automatically your inbox will spot and separate these suspicious messages from the important emails.

Identify Unsolicited Mails:

One way to avoid opening suspicious links is that you should be aware of them. Often these suspicious links are hidden in junk and unsolicited messages. Attackers don’t send these links directly. Even if you take all precautionary measures, you still receive these spam emails in any form. There are some ways to identify these unsolicited emails which are given below:

  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Formal greetings
  • Doubtful email senders
  • Ask about your details
  • The greed for lottery and cash prizes

Besides them, spammers change and use other different techniques for cyber attacks. It is better to remain aware of all these tactics that they use.

Download Anti-Spam Filter Tools:

For those whose work solely depends on sending and receiving emails, it is hard to identify suspicious mail. Download the anti-spam filter tools on your devices to recognise these links. Turn on the auto-delete settings to quickly clear your mailboxes from these unwanted messages. It saves your precious time from wasting reading and deleting these spam messages.

By following all the above techniques, it becomes easy for you to protect your mailbox from suspicious links. Among all of them, the use of temp-mail is one of the best ways to ensure your online protection.