How To Protect Your Privacy While Using Social Media Platforms?

Protect Your Privacy
September, 14 2023

Socialising is exciting, but when it comes to sharing personal information on social networks, it becomes risky. Some use it for personal matters while others for business and professional reasons. On social website platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, you have to make a profile. For making profiles, you require an email for registration. With temp mails, sign up at any social media forum to ensure your privacy.

Protection of Privacy at Social Media Forums:

There are numerous reasons why you need privacy. Well, the crux is that it keeps you safe from enormous online theft and fraud. Look at ways to keep your privacy on social sites.

Don’t Use Primary Email:

Profiles of social sites with the same personal address make it easy for the spammers to know your address. Which they use to send you spam mails. Your primary inbox fills with limitless notifications as you register for social platforms. Ultimately, it will lead to mailbox clogging.

Moreover, receiving unimportant notifications in bulk form is time-consuming too. With that, you also miss out on the essential emails that could cause you loss. Instead of using the primary address, register with a temporary email address on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest etc.

Register With Temporary Address:

One of the best ways is to register with a temp fake address. Its usage is beneficial in various ways. Today, online users prefer using temporary emails. is the top-level platform from which you could easily copy the temporary address. It is in both website and app versions. On its basic free version, you can create a disposable mail address unlimited times for multiple uses. In addition, you also get a custom address on its premium version. All you have to do is get a subscription for a month or a year of this website or app.

Create Complex Password:

With whatever email, you have your profile. Always create a complex password that is impossible for hackers to crack. Well, at the time of sign-up, almost all sites direct their user about creating passwords. Weak passwords allow hackers to easily intrude into your account.

Hide Live Location and Updates:

Sharing a live location on social media could turn out to be dangerous. Intruders track you and reach your present locality. Just go to the setting of your account, and turn off the permission of the app location. Keep in mind that it is not hard for hackers to track your exact location just by knowing the IP address.

Never Public Your Personal Life:

Unknowingly, people post about their personal life. Some people are obsessed with their social media following so they put everything on their accounts. Besides threats, your better lifestyle could create sentiments of hate and envy in people. That will draw negative criticism towards you which puts you in a depressing situation. That’s why you should be always selective about social media posting. Moreover, too much sharing of your private life means that you are giving others the authority to dictate to you.


By following the above-given suggestions, you could easily protect your social media privacy. Among them, temp mails are the best option for digital safety.