What Is A Disposable Email Address and How to Spot One

What Is A Disposable Email Address and How to Spot One
Published in : 14 Oct 2022

What Is A Disposable Email Address and How to Spot One

A temporary email address is one that users may use for temporary reasons. After that, it expires automatically. For watching any premium content, and participating in discussion forums like chat groups, you need the email address for the registration. In short, disposable email address is used on various platforms for the purpose of signing up without revealing your original email address. The websites that provide this service have their inbox, forward, and reply functions. Another name for the disposable email is the throw-away, self-destructing and temporary email. 

Temp Mails:

As an online service provider, here you can generate unlimited disposable email addresses. It is a complete solution as it provides its services free with multiple features. Similarly, it is easily operated on all devices too. In short, temp mails is a top-notch website, that provides its services distinguishably from other tools and websites.

Disposable Temporary Email Addresses: How To Spot Them?

Only for the use of one time, they are created. The purpose behind its use is that with this, it becomes easy for people to avoid marketing emails in their email address boxes. This is the reason that in the temporary address, only for a specific time the username is used.

However, for business organisations, it is crucial to recognise fake email addresses. For example, any organisation has the software. Where they want the users to add their personal email address. So that they could avoid online abuse. Furthermore, in this way, they could reduce the chances of a negative impact on their marketing.

Procedure No 1: Check If The Domain is From A Third Party:

Look at the given below suggestions. From there, you can easily recognise the temporary email addresses.

  1. Search from a database provider of the disposable email:

On any search engine and google, type the domain databases of disposable Temporary email.

  1. Select the third-party provider: 

Online, most of the list is provided by a third party. Remember that the services provided by the vendors differ in terms of recency, coverage, and price.

  1. Download the database of the fake email address domain:

To get accurate results, download the most updated data from the database.

  1. Spot the email address domain:

The @ symbol that comes after the string text is known as the domain. For example, in the address, harrydoh@mussis.com. In this, mussis.com is the domain.

  1. Checking the domain in the list of domains:

Do the search of the domain on the Macs by pressing the Command-F and in windows with the CTRL+F. The email is disposable if it exists in the list. For example, if the list contains mussis.com. Then it is the temporary disposable email address.

 Procedure: 2 Using repository management platform for data:

Following all the given below steps to use the data from this platform.

  1. Open the website of the repository management:

The most commonly used are Pastebin and Github Gist. Well, select according to our choice whom you are comfortable using.

  1. Searching the list of domains on Pastebin:

It is quite a challenge to search on Pastebin because there is no search bar. For that purpose, pastebin.com is typed into the search engine.

  1. Do the lists search on the Github list:

Go through the all updated list of the domains given on this site. 

  1. Determine the email addresses domains:

  2. Do the checking of the domains from the given lists:

For finding the specific domain, press the CTRL+F for windows. While for Macs, search by pressing the Command-F. If the name exists in the list, then it is the temporary disposable email address.

  1. Performing the above step on many lists:

For accuracy, it is advisable that you should check approximately all lists. Even check those lists too that are not updated.

Procedure No: 3 Open automatic detections with email verification tool:

  1. Select the type of email verification tool you'd like to use:

For this, use the web-based application and application programming interface (API) for the detection. With the integration of these websites, all the addresses will get checked automatically.

  1. Searching the provider of verification tool:

Well, you do this on search engines and google. But with the intermediaries of the marketplace like G2 and Catperra, you do the online search too.

  1. Entering the email for verification:

  2. Search and check that the address is disposable:

With all the above-given procedure methods, it will be easy for you to spot the disposable email address.


The temporary email address has uncountable benefits. On the temp mail website, you have the facility to generate according to your own will. But if you have to identify which one is disposable. Then to spot one, follow the steps of the above-given procedures.