How To Use Temp Mail For Facebook

How To Use Temp Mail For Facebook
Published in : 11 Oct 2022

How To Use Temp Mail For Facebook

Temporary email addresses are widely used by people. As it provides so many benefits, most people use it to perform different internet activities. Unlike a personal Gmail address, temp mail works exactly like this. But only for a limited period. The email is erased automatically after the specified amount of time.

Because it functions, many people believe that it is a temporary email service used by intruders and black hat users.

  • To create social media account

  • Comment on a forum

  • Access a website

  • Test an application

  • Avoid junk and spam


To create a social media account you need to enter your personal information including name, number, email etc. then, they send you an email with your personal information about the activities you perform there. You may get bothered by these disposable email addresses. So, you should use a temporary email. Moreover, when you need to use more than one Facebook account, you may need more emails. It is risky to use personal emails as it increases the risk of getting hacked and tracked. So, if you have no idea how you can use temp mail for Facebook, know the procedure here!

Create A Facebook Account Using Temp Mail

Creating a Facebook account with a disposable email address is so easy. But you might not be able to make one if you don't understand the procedure. You need a fake email address in order to register for a Facebook account using temporary mail. And to get a temporary email address, you must know which is the best website or tool you should use. Follow the steps to create a Facebook account with temp mail.

Set Up A Disposable Temporary Email Address

The process of creating a temporary email address is so simple. You are surely aware of the numerous websites, internet resources, and programmes available for creating temporary email addresses. However, you need one which is reliable and quick. If you decide to use an app, it will take so much time and need space on your device. 

Moreover, you need to create temp mail quickly, it will not be possible with an application. Online tools are the most appropriate and effective method. Online tools are the quick and simplest way to create temporary emails. But not all the websites and tools work properly. Therefore, temp emails are one of the advanced websites to create a fake email address quickly in a simple way.

  • Go to the temp mail website

  • Visit the home page

  • There, you may see the unique email address 

  • Copy that email on your clipboard.

Create Facebook Account

  • To create a Facebook account, you must install it first.

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.

  • Click the sign-up option and fill in the requirements

  • On the email, the requirement box pastes the temporary email address that you created from the temp emails. 

  • Then, you need to enter the code

  • Go to the temp mails site, in the inbox, you will see the code.

  • In the Facebook requirement box, paste the code

  • Confirm your Facebook name and password and click confirm option.

Now use Facebook. With this Facebook account, you can stalk anyone anonymous and perform as many activities as you need.  

Benefits OF Using Disposable Temporary Email Addresses For Facebook 

There are several benefits of creating Facebook accounts using temporary mail for facebook.

  • Your information remains in your Facebook account remains safe

Whatever you do on your Facebook account, will remain private. No matter if your Facebook account gets hacked or someone may steal its password. No one can chase what activities you do or have done with that Facebook account.

  • Anonymity is Possible

You can create a fake Facebook account with the temp mail. Instead of using your own name, you can choose any of the random as your username for Facebook. Neither Facebook nor third parties can track you or hack you.

  • Open Multiple Facebook Accounts

With the temp mail service, you can create multiple Facebook ids for temporary purposes. For more than one Facebook account, you do not need to enter your personal email address, neither the Facebook app allows you to do it. Therefore, with the help of a temporary email address, you can create unlimited accounts on Facebook.

  • Receive No Notification From Facebook

Many individuals want Facebook to stop sending them pointless emails. Because it notifies the user whenever, some like, comment, send request, update picture etc notifications. It may irritate the users sometimes. With the temp mail, you will be free from junk and spam mail. 



It's absurd how frequently social media and other services ask for your email address. You must activate your email address each time you wish to establish an account in order to receive the plethora of notifications and spam that follows. The first of those is Facebook. Even if you stop using your account, you can still receive daily emails from them.