How To Create Google My Business Account to Manage My Business

How To Create Google My Business Account to Manage My Business
Published in : 07 Oct 2022

How To Create Google My Business Account to Manage My Business

Having a Gmail business account does a lot more for your business than your thoughts. Your clients will stay engaged with your business if you provide them with regular updates. To get your account for managing the business, first, you need google approval for your business. After this, you can create an account. To find out how other successful businesses send updates via mail to their clients, use the temporary email address

Reasons For Having A Google Business Account

Know about the causes and benefits of the main business account. The reasons are given below:

Make A Reputation Good

It is mandatory for any business to respond to its customers. For making a good reputation, replying to your clients' reviews on google is crucial. For top ranking, your business influence on Google by getting good reviews matters a lot. 

In short, this factor is imperative for the management of the business. By creating a fake address on temp mail, review other businesses that are the same.

Increasing Customers

By providing the correct information about your business, you increase your customers to a large extent. But updating and controlling the right information on your business site requires the business account. Create a disposable email address on the website of temp mails. So, you check out your competitors' clients' profiles. 

Keep remembering that customers leave those businesses, especially local ones where they get wrong information. In short, not only do you increase your business clients but also reduce the risk of losing them.

Standout Among Competitors

Competition in the business market is cut throat. When your competitors put every little effort to bring forth their businesses. Then make your business stand out among all these competitors. 

Take care of your customers while doing that. In order to gain their trust in your service. With Temporary disposable email addresses, you analyses the competitor's website.

Methods For Creating A Google Business Account 

Everyone has their own personal email address. Similarly, for business, make a separate account. By following these easy simple procedures, you will easily create your google my business account. Before creating the account, it is important that your profile is already set up and verified on google. All these steps are given below:

  • On any device, sign in to your Google account. You can use your Gmail account if you already have one. Simply enter the domain name of your business when registering.

  • After that, just go to the option of “Create a profile”.

  • Write your business name. However, you select the name from the suggested list of the businesses which you type. In case, google shows you that this name is already verified. Then request the ownership of the business profile.

  • Select the category of the business. After that click next.

  • If you have a storefront staff, click on yes on asking the location. So the customers can visit during hours of business.

  • Click option no, if you don’t have storefront staff during the hours of business. 

  • Enter the address of your business and mark the business location on the map. Select the next option after completing this step.

Further Procedure : 

  • Enter your business service area like postal codes and cities where your business is currently serving. On it, you only add 20 areas of service.

  • Enter your business phone number and the URL of the website. Then click the next option.

  • After completing the above procedure, click on the Finish option.

  • Click on the option of verification after reviewing all the information.

  • On it, you will find two options: verify later and verify now. Choose according to your requirement.

  • In case of changing and updating the information. Select the edit option in your business profile.

Only with these above procedures, within minutes create your business account.

You may find on your mail account the customers who use disposable temporary email addresses. So, they could hide their identity. 

Extended Information:

Google will delete your business if it finds multiple accounts. So, create only one profile for your business. Always select service area business. For that, hide your address to show the service area business. If you don’t select that, then by default local area business will be selected. 

If you want to know the customers' actual demand, then use the fake email address to engage with them instead of the original one. This is because you can hide the identity easily this way. Especially if you review your competitors' sites daily to make your site performance better. 


Well, you take advantage of a temporary email address to find out the customers' activities. In this way, make your google my business account better and better to manage your business efficiently. Hence, create an account by following the above simple given procedure.