How To Create A Temporary Email Address For Only 10 Minutes?

How To Create A Temporary Email Address For Only 10 Minutes?
Published in : 15 Jul 2022

How To Create A Temporary Email Address For Only 10 Minutes?

You need an email address to perform almost every activity on the internet. You need to enter your email address when you want to access a website or create any other account. Sometimes it goes creepy because when you enter your email address somewhere on the internet, you receive lots of junk mail right after that.

Besides junk mail, there are many other issues that many people face after entering a real email address. That is why disposable email addresses are used. Many sites on the internet allow their users to create free disposable temporary email addresses.

Sometimes users want a temporary email address for a short time. Because they need more than one temporary email address for multiple purposes, finding a site that allows users to fix time according to their needs isn't easy. That is why we brought the best site, which allows its user to create a fake email address for only 10 minutes.

What is A Disposable Email Address?

A disposable email address is also known as a temporary or fake email address. This is used to sign up on different sites without disclosing your identity and avoid spam. Moreover, many programmers use disposable email addresses to test a website's authenticity. Besides these, there are many other purposes for using temporary email.

Disposable email addresses work for a specific period. From 10 minutes to 24 hours and more, you can use a fake email address. After one fake email expires, you can create another one. To create a temporary email address for 10 minutes, you can use the best site, temp mail.

Create Temporary Email Addresses For 10 Minutes With Temp Mail

Temp mail is the best site that offers free and secure disposable email service. It helps the user avoid junk and keep their information and data safe. Moreover, temp mail is the best service, providing a temporary email address for only 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, it expires automatically.

Users can also use the premium version of temp mail, which demands $10. The premium version is without ads. So, anyone can use it with no disturbance. Moreover, it also offers monthly and yearly plans at a 50% discount. Anyone can easily create more than one temp mail. The procedure is quite simple.

Procedure To Create Disposable Email Addresses

The procedure to create or generate a temporary email is straightforward. This is especially for beginners new to creating and using fake email. Therefore, you do not need to put the effort in doing long procedures and steps to create a temp email

You need to visit the temp mails site, and a disposable email address will be provided. Whether you need it or not, this service automatically generates a temporary email address for its visitors. However, if you want to create your own by entering your own domain name, you can do so by following a few steps:

Visit the temp mail site

  • Scroll a little down

  • Copy the email address

  • You can also change, refresh and delete the email address.


  • Create your own domain name if you want

  • Copy the email address to the clipboard

  • Paste it somewhere to check 

How does temp mail work

Just like other email addresses, temp mail works. However, there is a minor difference ‌you must know.

  • You do not need to enter your personal information like name, number, address, or any other information. 

  • This fake email provider doesn't need any registration process.

  • This email last only for 10 minutes.

Generally, temp mail also provides a DNS record and mail server setting option. It makes it easy for the user to look after the record in the mailbox. So, you do not especially need to go to your mailbox to verify you are not a robot. Visit the site and check all the emails. You need to copy and paste the specific email address of the site from which you want to receive emails.

Features of temp mail service

  • You can connect your own custom domain

  • Allow creating more than ten fake email addresses at the same time

  • 100% secure email address

  • Email messages can be stored for an additional 100MB.

  • Inside the web browser, it functions smoothly

  • Premium version without ads

Benefits of creating a fake email with temp mail

There are many benefits that temp mail provide to its users some of them have described below:

Allow users to create their own domain name.

Unlike other sites, temp mail allows users to create fake email addresses using their domain name. So, users can delete the fake email that temp mail generates and create their own fake email address.

Automatically generates fake emails.

Several websites provide free services for creating a temporary email address. But tempmails is the site that automatically generates fake temporary email addresses. You do not need to make efforts to create a temp mail.

Create more than ten disposable email addresses 

Users can create ten disposable email addresses at the same time. After the emails expire, 10 new emails can be created for 10 minutes.