How Many Times Do You Change Temp Email Addresses?

How Many Times Do You Change Temp Email Addresses?
Published in : 12 Aug 2022

How Many Times Do You Change Temp Email Addresses?

Email addresses have become essential to perform anything on the internet. Whether you want to access a website or test a new website, you need an email address. Without having a mail address, a website doesn't allow the user to access data. Some websites require proper registration to access information. To gain data, users need to provide email addresses unwillingly. Right after they provide an email address, they start receiving tons of emails from the sites that bother them a lot. Therefore, people have now switched to using fake email addresses rather than personal ones. Fake email addresses are also called temp mail, temporary email, disposable email address and many more.

A temporary email address is a unique IP address that people use to perform many activities on the internet. However, it is beneficial for most of the activities. Moreover, it plays a massive role in avoiding spam mails and organizing personal Gmail accounts. But you can use a temporary email address for a specific time. After the time elapses, it gets deleted along with all the information. Therefore, you need more than one disposable email address. 

How Can You Change Temp Mail Addresses?

Changing the fake email addresses using the temp mails is relatively simple because it has a user-friendly interface. Temp mail is a free site that provides a unique user email address. Temporary emails automatically assign a fake email address when you visit the site. Below the email address are some options you can use if required. Otherwise, you can simply copy the email address and paste it anywhere you need. 

Temp mails give the advantage of changing the temp email address as many times as you want. However, if you frequently use temporary emails, you have to buy the premium version to change temp mail addresses multiple times. The procedure of changing the email through temp mail is quite simple.

  • Visit the temp mails site.

  • Choose the "change" among the three options below the email address.

  • Wait till the new fake email appears.

  • Copy the email into the clipboard

  • Paste it anywhere to use

To Change Fake Email For Free:

Along with the premium, temp mails also have a free version. Users can get temp emails addressed multiple times. However, after getting one email address, temp mails require one hours wait to generate another or change the email address for free. 

This is the considerable advantage that temp mail provide users because temporary email lasts for one day. Users can use the fake email multiple times to perform different activities using the temporary email address

However, if you require using two fake emails simultaneously, you can open the site through incognito mode and get a temporary email address. You can get a fake email address for free through incognito mode and change it after one hour.  

However, if you use different devices with different email addresses, you can create and change the quantity of temp mail addresses you want.

Need Premium Version To Change Unlimited Temp Mail Addresses:

Temp mails is a website which provides services for generating temporary email addresses. Moreover, you can create their fake email addresses using your domain name. When you visit the site for the first time, it generates a temp mail email address for free. 

However, if you want unlimited fake email addresses at a time, you need to buy its premium version, which costs $10 per month. However, if you buy a one-year plan, you can get a 50% discount which is impressive. Rest assured that all the emails are unique to ensure 100% security. Once you buy the premium version, there is no limit on creating and changing the temp email address. So, whenever you require a new fake email address, you can open the site and get a temp mail address without worrying about time.

Benefits OF Using Temp Mails

Temp mails is a website which provides a unique fake email address. You can use this service for free for one time, and then you need to buy its premium version. Besides its free services, it provides many other benefits to the users.

  • Temp emails don't require any registration process to get a fake email address.

  • Users don't need to enter any personal information to access the website. Just open the website in the browser and make the most of it. 

  • Unlike other sites that allow you to use temp mail for 10 or 15 minutes, temp mails allow the users to use it for one day. Within 24 hours, you can perform unlimited activities using one temp mails.

  • After one hour, you can change the fake email address for free. 

  • Allow the user to check the inbox using the temp mails site.

  • It is completely secure from unauthorized use and doesn't disclose personal information.