How Does Disposable Email Addresses Work?

How Does Disposable Email Addresses Work?
Published in : 24 Jun 2022

How Does Disposable Email Addresses Work?

Are you familiar with the disposable email address? Or how can you spot them? You are tired of spam emails and still receiving several marketing emails, and now you want to know what to do about it. An email address is a basic need as it requires signing up for every app or service. Having one email address for everything is OK, but getting hundreds of emails daily isn't OK.

There are several ways to tame your Gmail, but one more drastic thing is a disposable email address. Disposable email addresses (DEAs) are temporary ones used for specific purposes and discarded.

In this article, you'll learn what a disposable email address is and how it works? Let's continue to read more:

What is a Disposable Email Address?

Every service or app needs an email address whenever you sign up. That's the main reason for spam and unwanted messages rapidly increasing. Whenever you provide an email address, it increases the chance of receiving more spam emails.


Through these spam emails, hackers hack all of your data, or sometimes even companies sell you personal information. Disposable temporary email addresses would be helpful to solve the problem by providing a different temporary email address for signing up each time and keeping a record of these email addresses. Mostly disposable email addresses forward the messages to your real email address account.


Disposable Email Address (DEA) means that technically, a user with a unique email address gets a temporary or fake email address for your current contact. The DEA helps you create an email address that passes the validity required to sign up for services and websites without showing your true identity.

Types of Disposable Email Addresses

There are three types of disposable email addresses:

Non-forwarding email address

It is a one-time email message, and it becomes unusable. Bounce rates are often inflated by these messages.


Forwarding email address

Mail is forwarded to this email address from the user's email account at a separate domain. You won't be able to tell which inbox provider your subscribers use. It will accept messages until they are deleted, but you are unlikely to get accurate opening or clicking statistics on those emails.

Alias email address

An inbox provider, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail, hosts the email address as a variation of a user's actual email address. Users can select a folder outside their primary inbox for messages sent to that address. Users can receive messages sent to that address in their inbox. Notifications will be accepted until they are deleted.

How to Use Disposable Email Addresses?

You can choose to get a disposable email address by creating a new email that must be interlinked with current email providers. Still, the account comes up with several challenges, like you'll have to manage emails from a new account. A new email address will be assigned to a user who enrols for free mail by creating an account. Temp-mail offers disposable email addresses that you can use on one email address, managed by one inbox.


A disposable email address can forward directly to your real email address. Those emails can be sent directly to your trash if the disposable email address has been compromised. For those necessary connections, you can choose to have them sent directly to your actual email address.

Ways to Manage Disposable Email Address

Here are some ways to manage your disposable email address:

Build Trust With Your Clients

People usually use disposable email addresses because they don't trust brands or are unsure about protecting their personal email address. Several companies sell your data, or many hackers can hack them. Suppose you want to build trust with your customers about using and protecting their personal information. In that case, you can let them know that their data will be encrypted securely and will not be helpful to bad actors unless it is decrypted.


Verify Emails

Disposable email addresses cannot be stopped, but you can verify them as they are collected using an email verification tool like Email able. With their API, you can easily integrate them wherever you gather email addresses. How to integrate an API:


●     Signup Forms

●     Website Pop-ups

●     Landing Pages

●     Facebook Business Page

●     Anywhere an email is prompted

A clean Email List

It is virtually impossible to go through every single email to confirm that they don't belong to a disposable list when you've got a list of thousands and thousands of emails. Emailable can help. Using a service such as Emailable, you always keep clean lists.

They will help you delete any risky email and ensure that you keep a healthy sender reputation score. Also, make sure that you are removing invalid emails.

Last Words

Here you read in detail about the disposable email address, including its types or working. Disposable email addresses work very effectively against spam messages. Using disposable email addresses is the best way to keep your account safe and secure from hackers.