How Do I Get My Social Media Accounts Back If I Use Temp Mails?

How Do I Get My Social Media Accounts Back If I Use Temp Mails?
Published in : 04 Aug 2022

How Do I Get My Social Media Accounts Back If I Use Temp Mails?

You probably get tense when your social media account gets hacked, or you forget the password. You need to recover it but find no way to do it. Social media accounts contain all the private and public information that no one can let anyone see or use for illegal purposes. On the other hand, forgetting the password is another situation. It can be resolved quickly. But it becomes tricky sometimes for those who have never experienced this before. Many people are unaware of how to recover social media accounts.

There are many ways of recovering social media accounts; one advanced way is the disposable temporary email address. Temporary emails have become so common nowadays and can be used to perform many online activities. The internet user has found it reliable and straightforward to perform any action. So, recovering social media accounts is no more a struggle now. Temp mails has made it easy for people without an idea how to do it.

The Simple Process OF Recovering Social Media Accounts Using Temp Mails

The process of recovering the social media accounts using temp mails is quite simple. Even a beginner can recover any social media account knowing about temporary email. If you lose access to your social media account, you can recover it by using an email address or phone number already added. You can use the tempmails to recover it. You can ask any or get any temporary email service to get the fake email address if you ever forget the password or your account gets hacked.

When you try to log in to your account by entering an email and password, and it shows an error, you can click the option at forget password? Or trouble with signing in? These options allow you to recover your account. You may request them to recover your social media account by clicking on the option.  

These sites show many options to help you in which you need to enter your phone number, answer the security question, etc.

Change Email Address

If you cannot access the email, you used to sign up for your social media account, and you need to change it. Instead of entering your personal email, you can add a temporary email to recover it. As this is the most feasible way, many people prefer doing it.

Before changing the email address, you must log in to your account through your phone number.

Login To The Account Using Your Phone Number

When you click the option forget the password,  it shows the option in front of you whether you want to enter your phone number or email address. Choose the phone number option. Enter your phone number and hit the confirm option. They send a code to your mobile number. Copy the code, letting no one know it, and paste it onto the requirement code bar. Hit the confirm option.

After this process, they show the icon containing different profiles related to your information; pick your profile. When you choose the profile, they allow you to enter a new password. Enter a strong password. They will also allow you to save the password for future use, and it is better to save it. When you get the account access, change the email instantly.

Change The Email Address.

Suppose you cannot get access to your social media account through your email address. Replace the email with a disposable temporary email address.

  • Open the app on any device

  • Enter the wrong password or email address

  • Click the forget password? Option.

  • Tab on the option Need more help?

  • Follow the instructions and act accordingly.

After login the account, you can change the email address this way

  • Open the app on your device

  • Go to the setting and privacy option

  • Tap on the settings

  • Click on the option Personal and account information

  • Choose the email option from the Account info

  • Enter the temp mail email address into it 

  • Click on the confirm option.

  • They will send a code to our temp mail mailbox.

  • Copy the code and enter it into the box.

  • Hit confirm.

Your email will change, and you can continue your social media account activities.

Do you know what disposable temporary email addresses are?

A Disposable Temporary Email is a unique email address that gets disposed of after some time. This is just for temporary use. You can perform different activities on the internet by using fake emails. It is mainly used to avoid junk or spam files. You can also use it for creating social media accounts, recovering accounts, and many more. 

Many people are using disposable temporary email addresses for multiple purposes and making the most of it. It has made it easier for everyone to access, test, and recover websites. You can use fake email everywhere you do not want to enter your personal email address.

How to create temporary emails?

Creating a disposable temporary email address is so easy nowadays. Many websites, apps, and online tools have been introduced that make fake email addresses for their users. But we have the best site for you, which generates a temporary email in seconds. You do not need to perform a lengthy procedure or request a temp mail when you visit the site. Upon seeing the site, you will get a temporary email address from temp mails.

Tempmails is a free service that provides a unique email address to its visitors and users for free. It also has an ads-free premium version that you can use. You need to copy the email address and paste it to the social media account ‌ you want to recover.

  • Visit the temp mails site

  • Copy the email address

  • Paste it to the recover email address


You can also create a fake email address by entering the domain name of your choice. 

This is an easier and more reliable way to recover social media accounts. Many people are unaware of it, but when they recover using a temp mail address, they find it beneficial and quick. With the temp emails, recovering the social media account is no more a big problem. Using the given instruction, you can easily recover any social media account.