How Do I Get My Facebook Back If I Use Temp Mails?

How Do I Get My Facebook Back If I Use Temp Mails?
Published in : 05 Aug 2022

How Do I Get My Facebook Back If I Use Temp Mails?

Facebook is the most common app that almost everyone uses worldwide. People use it for business, entertainment, and many other purposes. It contains all the necessary public and private information. Therefore, people keep it confidential. 

This is common for anyone that when you create an account, you may sometimes forget the password. The exact thing can happen to your Facebook account. It can get hacked, or the user may forget the password. When users lose access to a Facebook account, they need to recover it. Many people find it a complicated process. Let me say that it is not difficult if you know about it. 

When a Facebook account gets hacked, you probably feel anxious when you need to get it back but can't figure out how. Users do not want to let anyone access or misuse the personal and public data on their Facebook accounts without their permission. But another circumstance is forgetting the password. It is quickly solvable. Nevertheless, it might occasionally be challenging for individuals who have never done this before. How to recover Facebook accounts is a skill that many people lack.

Advanced Way OF Recovering Facebook Account

There are several ways to recover Facebook accounts. You need to update the new email address and phone number when you lose access to the Facebook account. Instead of entering a personal email address, you can add a disposable temporary email. In case your account gets hacked, or you forget the password, no information will get leaked, or no one will steal your personal information.

A Disposable email address has made it easy for everyone to create and recover a Facebook account without having any security issues.

Easy Process To Recover The Facebook Account Using Temp Mails

Using temporary emails to recover Facebook accounts is a straightforward technique. Anyone can recover a Facebook account if they are aware of temporary emails. You can recover access to your Facebook account by entering an existing email address or phone number if you lose it. You can get it back using the temporary mail. If you forget your password or your account is hacked, you can ask for a temporary email address from tempmails website.

Replace The Email Address You Use

You need to replace the email address that  doesn't work to log in your facebook account. You can enter a temporary email to recover it rather than your email. The most practical method is what many people like to use.

It is necessary to connect to your Facebook account using your phone number before updating the email address.

You can choose one among two options if you cannot access your facebook account.

Login Account Using Your Phone Number

  • Forget password

  • The trouble with signing in

  • Click on the forget password.

  • Enter the previous password if you remember and enter “Next” .

  • It shows two options to request a new password through a phone number or email. 

  • To recognise if it is actually you, they send a notifiocation on your device to check.

  • When you get the notification, say "yes." It will confirm that it is you. 

  • By entering your mobile number and confirming, you will get a code. Paste  the confirmation code in the box and click the confirm option.

  • After you confirm the code, yo can set the new password when they allow you to do it.

  • Set a unique coded password and access your fb account.

Recover Facebook Account With Temp Mails

Suppose you cannot get access to your Facebook account using an existing email and password.

Use disposable temporary email addresses to recover the Facebook account.

Activate the app on any device.

  • Enter your existing email address or password

  • If you want to reset the account, click on  "Forget password?"

  • Tap the choice "need more help"?

  • Act following the directions.

After login the app, you can change the email address this way

  • On any device, open the facebook app

  • Hit the privacy settings

  • Choose contact info

  • Select email setting

  • Enter the temp mail email address

  • Click on the confirm option

  • A code will be sent to your temp mails inbox

  • Enter the code 

  • Hit the confirm option

Your Facebook account will be recovered, and you can continue using it.

What is A Temporary Email?

Temporary email is a unique email address that can be used for a temporary purpose for some time. It has a time limit, when time elapses, it gets deleted automatically. This is just for short-term use. Using temp emails, you may engage in a variety of online activities. The primary purpose of temp mail is to prevent junk or spam mails from unnecessary sources. Additionally, it may be used to create social network accounts, recover accounts, and many other things.

Many people are taking advantage of disposable temporary email addresses by using them for various uses. Everyone now finds it simpler to access, test, and recover websites. You may use a fake email instead anywhere you don't want to provide your own email address.

How Can You Create Temporary Emails?

Creating a temp mail or one disposable temporary email is so easy using the temp emails service. Numerous websites, mobile applications, and internet tools allow users to create temporary email accounts. However, we have the most fabulous website for you, which quickly makes a quick email. When visiting the website, there is no need to go through a drawn-out process or ask for a temporary email address. You will receive a temporary email address from temp emails after you visit the website.

Temp Mail provide free services to visitors. You may use the premium version, which has no advertising. You must copy the email address and paste it into the Facebook account. When you paste the fake email address, Facebook will send a code to the temp emails inbox that you can copy directly from the inbox and paste to the facebook requirement.


By selecting the domain name of your choice, you can even create a fake email address.
This method of recovering facebook accounts is simpler and more dependable. Many individuals are unaware of it, but they discover how helpful and quick it is when they recover using a temporary mail address. Recovering the social media account is no longer a major issue thanks to the temporary emails. Any social network account may be quickly recovered by following the instructions provided.