How can I Create a Personal Fake Email Address?

How can I Create a Personal Fake Email Address?
Published in : 23 Jun 2022

How can I Create a Personal Fake Email Address?

Many websites on the internet can let you create a free fake email address. This fake email IP address you can use for many reasons. Like, you can perform different activities on the internet and avoid junk. Whatever your purposes are, you can create a fake email in just a few seconds.

Creating a fake email is not a difficult process. A wide range of people started using fake email for different purposes. Therefore, there are millions of services on the internet that create fake emails for free. But you cannot rely on any service. To create a fake email, service one website whatever your resource, it should be authentic. 

You cannot check the authenticity of all the websites on the internet. That is why we brought the best free fake email provider. Temp mail is this service. By using temp mail, you can create a personal fake email within seconds.

Create a fake email address with temp mail

Are you fed up with receiving loads and loads of spam? Do the spam mails have disorganized your personal Gmail and now you want to get rid of them? Or are you a programmer who wants a disposable email address for personal use? No worries- with the help of a temporary email service, you can create a personal fake email address.

We have complete instructions for you to create a disposable temporary email address. In this article, you will get a complete procedure to create a fake email address. Whatever your purpose is, you can create as many temp mails as you want.

Temp mail is one of the best services which offers free fake email generating service. It provides a variable email address for specific times. This website lets you choose a domain name by yourself. Or, you can let the website choose a domain name for you.

Generate a fake email address:

By following the steps, you will ‌generate a personal fake email with temp mail:

  • Visit the temp mail website from your browser

  • website will generate automatically a temp mail

  • Copy the email to your clipboard

  • Paste the fake email address anywhere to use

  • Go from there and monitor the email address.

You can also change the email address or enter your domain name.

How to use a temp mail email address?

Using a temp email address is quite easy. You just simply need to copy the fake IP address in the clipboard. Whenever you need to use the fake email, paste it from the clipboard. But you can use the temporary email for some time. Temp mail provides a time to use the specific fake address. After the time ends, the email,including all the data, will be deleted.

If you want to save the data from the temp email address, you can. After the email address gets deleted, you cannot access your data.

Recover the fake email address:

You can use fake or disposable email addresses at certain times. The fake email automatically gets deleted after the time elapses. You can create another email address if you need it. But if you need to recover a previous email address, what would you do?

Recovering a temporary email is not easy. Not all websites let you recover the temporary email address. But if you create a temp mail service to create a fake email, you will ‌recover the email.

If you want to recover the disposable temporary email address, follow the instructions. Unless you follow the instructions carefully, it is not possible to recover temp mail.

  • See the box right below the box where your temporary email was generated.

  • See the box. There will be a token email in it.

  • Click the box

  • You will see your fake email token there.

  • Copy the email address from there.

  • Paste it to anywhere else safe.

  • Go to the recovery email page.

  • Paste the token email there.

  • Prove you are not a robot.

  • Hit the recovery button. You will be redirected to your fake email address.

  • Save the data before it gets deleted again.

Why should you know about temp mail?

Temp mail is a free service that allows its user to create fake email addresses. It assigned a unique email address to the user. By using a temp mail service, you do not need to enter your personal email address. Moreover, it doesn’t require any registration process to create a fake email address. You can use the temp mail to protect your privacy whenever you want to access any website.


Fake email is essential for advanced internet activities. If you are receiving lots of unnecessary emails, you can use this service to avoid junk. Moreover, it helps to protect your privacy. As far as creating a disposable email is concerned, you can use the best free site temp mail to create it.