Beginner's Guide To Disposable Email Addresses

Beginner's Guide To Disposable Email Addresses
Published in : 06 Oct 2022

Beginner's Guide To Disposable Email Addresses

With the evolution of technology, computers are now being user friendly. A business person may receive hundreds of spam messages and anonymous emails daily. Henceforth, it becomes crucial that received emails are authentic and business oriented only. There are various apps in the play store and solutions available online that assist a company to mitigate these problems.

In this article, I will increase your knowledge of disposable email addresses, their benefits, and how we can use the. 

What is a Temporary Email Address?

A disposable or temporary email address is a fake, self-imploding email address that helps the user to avoid spamming. You can remain online within a time-bound framework. It also has other names referred to as dark mail address, tempo mail address, fake mail address, or trash mail. 

Above 269 billion emails are sent each day, including spam. So, we can receive unwanted emails. 

What are the advantages of a Disposable Email Address?

If one uses the normal email account, then why there is a need to shift him to a temporary email address? I have listed the importance of using such a mail address below.

  • You can write temp emails to editors of newspapers, and CEOs of companies being anonymous. 

  • You can send promotional messages via email to your clients and customers. It involves a specially generated mail address without receiving messages from other ends. 

  • You can save your identity theft from a temporary email address. 

  • If you do not wish to reveal your privacy, the use of a disposable email address is a better option. 

  • To test an app after coding, you can generate several email addresses and test it with dummy accounts.

  • You can avail free trials of paid apps from a disposable email address.

  • It minimizes the probability of hacking your email, as it only sends emails and can't receive one.

  • An important aspect of the temporary email address is that an individual can send it to his actual email account. If the disposable mail address is jeopardized, and it compromised your chat and identity with the client, you can send those emails to your trash. For surety, you can send the emails directly to your real mail account. 

How Beginners Can Sign Up For Disposable Email Address?

Gmail does not provide a throwaway email service, but you can have 2 accounts connected with it. If you want to have multiple accounts, then you must take the service of a Fake email address provider. 

To use a temporary email address, one must sign up for a Gmail account. After filling out the credentials and making an email address, open the mailbox. You need to click the ''New Message'' tab. Beneath the new message tab, you will see a tab saying ''create a disposable message''. 

In this dialogue box, enter the desired message along with the subject and recipient email. 

What is Temp Mail and How Can We Use It To Send Throw-Away Emails?

Let's consider an example of ''Temp mails''. It is a well-reputed disposable temporary email address providing service. You can access it through the link Temp mail does not ask for personal information, you simply create an account on it. 

You can generate email addresses after registration. It provides a temporary domain and more than 10 mail addresses to you at the same time frame. Premium services for 10$ per month are available with reliable privacy. The domain can host up to 100 MB of storage for email addresses. 

In today's digital world, data protection has become difficult, as all apps require permission. It might be to access the cameras, gallery, and contacts on registration. Temp mail does not invade your privacy as it remains at the side, providing you with throwaway email address service only. 

It is worth mentioning that you can only send mail from Temp mail but cannot receive inbound mail as a reply. 

You need to buy the premium of temp mail and after buying, ''register'' with your actual email address. Once you are done with it. Click on the ''log in'' tab. It will take you to a page where you can make your domain with any tailored name. 

You can choose up to 10 domain names for using throwaway email. You can also delete these email addresses as well as generate new ones too.


Security and privacy are the need of the hour. Cyber attacks on your actual email address can steal your financial accounts and personal data. Hence, It is foremost to send emails with a cover up. Disposable email addresses are the best choice to protect and safeguard you.